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by FrankL
17 Oct 2013, 21:05
Forum: Community Chat
Topic: new member introduction
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Re: new member introduction

Welcome Alex, I started my LF photography carting an old 4x5 Cambo SC, then a Cambo 45SF around in NZ, Middle East and Japan. When I was barely able to walk anymore, and shown the ultrasound pictures of my lower vertebrae I realized not only how impractical it was carrying monorails around but also ...
by FrankL
11 Oct 2013, 21:59
Forum: The Negative
Topic: First Scans with the V700
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Re: First Scans with the V700

Shane, That's good information.
by FrankL
05 Jul 2013, 23:17
Forum: The Negative
Topic: How do I store sheet film?
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Re: How do I store sheet film?

I keep my boxes (opened or unopened) in hard plastic containers in a small fridge in the basement. The containers protect the boxes from condensation. There's just enough room for a mix of 120 roll, 4x5 and 8x10 sheets and the relative cool of the basement helps maintain a low ambient air temperatur...
by FrankL
16 Sep 2012, 21:55
Forum: The Camera
Topic: Direct or Indirect Shifts?
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Re: Direct or Indirect Shifts?

For me the question of using direct or indirect shifts comes down to two things. 1. I often use very short lenses on either of my cameras so I have to use indirect shifts (i.e base tilts) to get the camera base out of the frame. 2. I will also use it on longer lenses where the cameras direct shifts ...
by FrankL
12 Sep 2012, 21:57
Forum: The Negative
Topic: Alas poor Velvia 8x10. We knew him well.
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Alas poor Velvia 8x10. We knew him well.

To those few of us still using 8x10 colour transparency,
Even though we knew it was going to happen, this still hurts:
goodbye velvia.JPG
goodbye velvia.JPG (19.85 KiB) Viewed 2766 times

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