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by Waltzing Paul
24 Jul 2013, 23:00
Forum: Community Chat
Topic: What's in Brisbane?
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Re: What's in Brisbane?

Hi Marc
Wonderful views of Brisbane.
You certainly got around a bit.
So glad the weather was good for you - a bit of sun and good clouds make all the difference.
Looking at the photos makes me want to get up and out there.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
by Waltzing Paul
24 Jul 2013, 22:45
Forum: The Camera
Topic: Manual or instructions required
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Re: Manual or instructions required

Well, finally tracked down a copy of the instructions and I am now familiar with the workings of the roll film back.
In fact loaded it and took 6 shots yesterday down at the local park (my first 4x5 outing).
I'll let you all know how they came out when I get them processed and printed.
by Waltzing Paul
20 Jul 2013, 18:29
Forum: The Camera
Topic: Manual or instructions required
Replies: 3
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Manual or instructions required

Hi, could do with a copy of the manual for a Horseman 6x9 rollfilm back for 4x5 cameras.
They seem to be non-existant on the Internet unless you pay for a copy.
Any help appreciated.
by Waltzing Paul
20 Jul 2013, 10:27
Forum: Community Chat
Topic: So long, and thanks for all the fish..
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Re: So long, and thanks for all the fish..

Hi Alastair Not sure what the reference to the fish means but I wish you well on your return. As a newer member of the forum I'd like to thank you for all your hard work for setting it up and maintaining it. On a personal note I went back to the UK for a holiday just over a year ago for the first ti...
by Waltzing Paul
10 Jul 2013, 15:59
Forum: Community Chat
Topic: Carry Case Happiness!
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Carry Case Happiness!

Hi, for the last couple of months I've been looking for a suitable case to carry my recently aquired 4x5 monorail camera. The cheapest I could find on ebay was around US$70 + almost the same in shipping costs and would take about 3-4 weeks to arrive. I've got an 19" rail so needed the biggest s...
by Waltzing Paul
05 Jul 2013, 21:11
Forum: The Negative
Topic: How do I store sheet film?
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How do I store sheet film?

Hi, I'd like some advice on long term storing of sheet film.
I know it's best kept in a fridge but what do you put it in for storing?
I mean like a plastic bag or something.
Do you keep it in the original cardboard box?
Any useful tips would be welcome.
by Waltzing Paul
02 Jul 2013, 00:01
Forum: Community Chat
Topic: No longer an LF virgin!
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No longer an LF virgin!

Well guys, finally got my 4x5 camera working at long last. Took my first photo on Saturday afternoon - shooting out of the garage across the street. That first photo was a memorable moment after all the weeks of gathering the gear together. I used a Polaroid PA-145 film back so as to get an instant ...
by Waltzing Paul
11 Jun 2013, 22:22
Forum: The Negative
Topic: Exposure metering
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Re: Exposure metering

Walter, sorry I don't have an iPhone. I do have the instructions though in the book I have. Just another thing to factor in when I get going. Lachlan, just watched the youtube link you posted. Thanks, that explains it very well. As my interest is mostly going to be landscapes I shouldn't have too mu...
by Waltzing Paul
11 Jun 2013, 22:01
Forum: The Negative
Topic: Polaroid Fuji holders nightmare
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Re: Polaroid Fuji holders nightmare

Hello Walter and Shane. Is it not possible to use a polaroid 8.5x10.8cm shot to test for exposure and sharpness before using a 4x5 negative? Assuming they have equal sensitivity I mean - eg ISO 100. If using the same lens the polaroid photo will just be a central crop of a 4x5. I realise I've got a ...
by Waltzing Paul
11 Jun 2013, 15:27
Forum: For Sale/Wanted
Topic: Dark room for hire
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Re: Dark room for hire

Hey Andrew, wish I lived in Sydney!
Looks a great setup.

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