Ground glass image

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Ray Heath
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Ground glass image

Postby Ray Heath » 24 Oct 2012, 07:35

A digital image captured through the ground glass (scourered acrylic sheet) of my homemade simple lens sliding box 8x10 camera.

Image was desaturated, cleaned up and slightly sharpened in Photoshop.
GroundGlassImage.jpg (64.54 KiB) Viewed 740 times

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Re: Ground glass image

Postby char.pinschof » 14 Feb 2017, 13:36

Photoshop is really powerful, I used that before on my previous work as graphic designer. I do lot of image editing in that cool tool.

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Re: Ground glass image

Postby Maris » 15 Feb 2017, 10:09

Good one Ray! "Image was desaturated, cleaned up and slightly sharpened in Photoshop." but, I've got to chuckle, also turned upside down. It took me quite a while to tumble to the trick. :D

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