Calypso outtake

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Calypso outtake

Postby alexgard » 07 Jan 2016, 23:00

I'm sure most of you have seen this one. But for those that haven't (just got home from sea for a quick couple of days off and feeling nostalgic..)


This was an 'outtake' from the day. She preferred the other plate, as did her father (whom the plate was made for, as a gift) but I preferred this one. The pose is a little dull but the image hits me harder and has been a favourite with everyone else. I'm getting this one framed. It was a great day of shooting. We made 3 plates, this one, then the 'other' one (in another thread) and a third which was no good (we went for a longer 5 second exposure but she moved so it was no good... still... 2 out of 3 is pretty damn good!)

Inspring me to do more outdoors portraits like this. I've dropped the studio and will endeavour to do more/better shots like this. Very excited to get home in April and hit the ground running. These couple of plates I made of this lovely girl have cemented my love for the antique lenses and their dreamy rendering of light. I do own a few modern lenses and have heavily considered recently downsizing my lenses to a few. I've ordered an 11x14 Chamonix and a Voigtländer 18" f/4,5 lens. After shooting landscapes with modern lenses vs antique ones I'm falling down the rabbit hole of loving the appeal of the antiques, not for the antiquity and valour of saying "I use an antique lens" but they do truly have incredible optical qualities. My modern Nikkors just do not favour the wet plate process at all, perhaps with film but I no longer shoot film. I think I'm becoming a little more aware of all this.

Any thoughts or advice on the matter would be nice!

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