Three Boulders, Girraween National Park.

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Three Boulders, Girraween National Park.

Postby Maris » 08 Dec 2017, 10:54

Three Boulders, Girraween National Park
Gelatin-silver photograph on Ilford VC FB photographic paper, image size 16.3cm X 24.5cm, from a 4x5 Kodak Tri-X Pan Professional negative exposed in a Tachihara 45GF double extension field view camera fitted with a Voigtlander Heliar 210mm f4,5 lens.

A geologist pal of mine assures me that these car size boulders are in situ and it is the rest of the granite landscape that has disappeared by a process of spalling and water erosion.

Mick Fagan
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Re: Three Boulders, Girraween National Park.

Postby Mick Fagan » 08 Dec 2017, 18:26

Very nice Maris, these can be very easy or very difficult to photograph; you have been quite successful.

I think I have a picture of these three boulders from about 34 years ago, maybe a bit longer. 135 format as I was on a motorcycle.

Thinking about the time line required for the spalling to have this kind of effect, our time on the planet sort of pales a bit.

Currawinya National Park, in QLD situated just above Hungerford, has some very similar rock formations to these. Visited them last time we were traversing the Hungerford - Bourke road a few years ago. Used my 4x5 then, I should pull some negatives/prints out.


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