Gum Halls Gap

Mick Fagan
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Re: Gum Halls Gap

Postby Mick Fagan » 28 Jan 2018, 10:11

The Lillimur house is not that easy to photograph, it is quite flat and requires a bit of a contrast kick, except when you do give it a contrast kick it doesn't seem to work too well. Mid to late December about 1½ hours before sunset has the light coming on to the south side (right side as you look at the house) for a short time before the sun goes behind the row of trees. I've tried a few times and have concluded I should be there on a cloudy bright day for the best; probably never happen.

You've done very well with a very difficult subject. Pity the CFA shed is alongside...

The church picture is very nice, holding any detail in that white (or light coloured) wall, is pretty amazing considering the film and you shooting into the light.


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Re: Gum Halls Gap

Postby Bazz8 » 29 Jan 2018, 14:56

It will be real hard to shoot the Lillimur house as it has been sold when I pulled up for another go it had been cut in half for transport :o
I think it may be on the way to 'Old Tailem Town in SA the already have a few structures from Lillimur.
Regarding the chemicals I could use that as a excuse to go further than Snake valley next time . :D
I have scanned my densitometry figures for the film it is quite interesting how the extreme highlights the film curve allows.
BTZS has many detractors yet once set up you know you will get a usable result.
I have plenty of scans of good and not so good prints on xray film that is the confounding thing perfect one day dismal the next
the agitation was the biggest bugbear also water bath before development.
thanks Mick and Maris

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