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Keebles of Clunes

Posted: 30 Sep 2018, 16:36
by Mick Fagan
This B&W shot was an afterthought, as I first took this with Kodak Portra VC 160.

By the time I exposed the B&W sheet the shadows had changed, allowing the power pole and tree shadows to appear on the house and front door.

Didn't see the gentleman entering, as I was holding the orange filter with one hand and shading it with the DDS with the other hand, which also tripped the shutter via a cable release. Only saw him when I developed the film.

Shen Hao HZX45-IIA Fujinon f/6.3 150mm, orange filter, 1/30 at f/22, 17mm front rise.



Re: Keebles of Clunes

Posted: 01 Oct 2018, 02:39
by Walter Glover
Quite apart from the lovely structure itself, you have dazzled once again with the tonality and preservation of textures — especially in the masonry.

Re: Keebles of Clunes

Posted: 01 Oct 2018, 14:34
by Mick Fagan
Thank you Walter.

Originally I saw this as a colour shot and concentrated my energy to that end; then we had a coffee break. Looking at it before we left, I decided to do a B&W; I prefer the B&W as the actual standout colour content was really only the front door.

With regard to the masonry, that was my concern with the colour shot; could I print it without shadow detail getting muddy and going off colour? I took a spot reading from the front door, which was bright red, allowed for the white masonry factor, then hit the shutter.

The shadows on the left wall in this shot, were replicated on the right wall in the colour shot as the sun was directly in line with the front door. Shadows from the planter boxes were reasonably symmetrical, which was part of my aim.

Deceptively simple to print in colour and B&W.