Moving to colour

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Moving to colour

Postby Waltzing Paul » 14 Dec 2013, 09:08

Hi everyone, I'm now planning on making the move to colour.
I'd welcome some tips on moving from B&W.
B&W is still my main method but I'd like to have a go at some colour.
I'll be doing my own developing (in the laundry area) and scanning and will be using the 4x5 format.
Any tips on film or transparency, developing methods, favouite film, suppliers etc would be welcome.
As always, look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Moving to colour

Postby mark.darragh » 24 Jan 2014, 18:46

Hi Paul,

The silence is deafening on this one.

If your shooting transparency, film latitude is obviously much more of a consideration. Recording detail 2 -2 ½ stops either side of your mid tone is realistic. If don't use them already you might want to look a ND grad or two, especially if you plan to shoot wider landscapes and/or include plenty sky. You can go mad with filters if that's your thing but I've found a polariser, 81B, 2 & 3 stop ND graduated filters cover most situations.

In terms of film selection, your style of photography (and these days what is still available) will dictate your choice of film to some extent. Something fairly neutral like Provia would be a good starting point. Velvia 50 is my other choice, particularly in forested scenes or low contrast light.

Look forward to hearing how you go.


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