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Maybe time for a new developer.

Posted: 09 May 2016, 21:08
by Lachlan717
Got off the ship this morning and headed by Vanbar's hoping to get a fresh bottle of Ultrafin.

This has been my stock developer for about 10 years, and they normally have a heap of it.

Normally, but not today. It's not even on back order, meaning it's probably at least 6 months off being restocked.

So, now I have to consider a new developer.

I love the convenience of liquid concentrates, but I think I might try Xtol, or maybe D-76.

Pretty much FP4+ and HP5+.

Any thoughts?

Re: Maybe time for a new developer.

Posted: 10 May 2016, 03:32
by Walter Glover
I have been making my sparse purchases of hard-to-get-locally brews from Freestyle in Los Angeles. That might be worth a try.

Failing that, I sing the praises of Diafine (also from Freestyle).

I have a leaning towards liquid concentrates as a rule and have had some joy using T-Max RS (diluted 1+9 and used at 24ÂșC) and Ilfotec DDX (diluted 1+6).

Is Rodinal (or its equivalents) an option. I quite like it with FP4+ at 1+100.

Re: Maybe time for a new developer.

Posted: 10 May 2016, 09:22
by Lachlan717
Thanks, Walter.

Rodinal isn't a viable option as it sells out as soon as it hits the shelves.

How do the T-Max and Ilford developers go with "regular" (non-T grain) films? I can swap to Delta, but still have a heap of FP4/HP5.

Thanks again.