How do I store sheet film?

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Waltzing Paul
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How do I store sheet film?

Postby Waltzing Paul » 05 Jul 2013, 21:11

Hi, I'd like some advice on long term storing of sheet film.
I know it's best kept in a fridge but what do you put it in for storing?
I mean like a plastic bag or something.
Do you keep it in the original cardboard box?
Any useful tips would be welcome.

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Walter Glover
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Re: How do I store sheet film?

Postby Walter Glover » 05 Jul 2013, 21:44

I only ever store unopened packs in the refrigerator. Once they are opened I just keep them in a cool place out of bright light.
Walter Glover

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Re: How do I store sheet film?

Postby FrankL » 05 Jul 2013, 23:17

I keep my boxes (opened or unopened) in hard plastic containers in a small fridge in the basement. The containers protect the boxes from condensation. There's just enough room for a mix of 120 roll, 4x5 and 8x10 sheets and the relative cool of the basement helps maintain a low ambient air temperature , even in summer. The fridge isn't used for anything else so the door stays shut for, I'm ashamed to admit weeks if not months.

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Re: How do I store sheet film?

Postby Maris » 06 Jul 2013, 11:32

Unopened boxes live in re-sealable plastic bags stacked edge on in the film 'fridge freezer. Opened boxes are in the same plastic bags but in the 4 Celcius 'fridge space. Precautions include sucking the air out of the plastic bags before sealing, letting film warm slowly to room temperature before loading, and never opening anything while there is a trace of condensation on the packaging.

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Re: How do I store sheet film?

Postby Lachlan717 » 06 Jul 2013, 12:30

Freezer; removed as required.

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Re: How do I store sheet film?

Postby jamespierce » 18 Jul 2013, 21:10

Agreed - Freezer. Remove, leave to thaw for ~12 hours before using.

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