Hello from Sydney - Len Metcalf

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Hello from Sydney - Len Metcalf

Postby lenmetcalf » 14 Nov 2013, 09:45


I am currently living in Sydney, though am probably better known as one of those large format blokes from that mob in the Blue Mountains. I have been working in large format since 1986. I have been a member of the Large Format Photography Forum for many years, and actively participate in their print exchanges. Great fun, the work is mostly of fine quality and my collection grows steadily. I did one here in Aus with APUG and I was sadly very disappointed. If there is some interest I would happily run one with this group.

My work is mainly landscape, with the odd portrait here and there and a substantial collection of nudes. Figures in the landscape has become a recent passion as is shooting groups of figures. You can see some of my work at http://lenmetcalf.com

I work in Black and White and in colour... Have some 4 x5 cameras ( a Razzle, a Linhof technica III, gowland pocket view - sold the Ebony 45SU last year and the huge range of lenses) and one 8 x 10 (toyo monorail)... will get a field 8 x 10 soon enough...

These days I just carry a standard lens these days (4 x5 = 150mm approx & 8 x 10 = 300mm)

I run a photography school and photography tour business. I have been teaching large format / panoramic photography for 10 years now, and film photography for many years prior. I often run private sessions that help people get going with our beautiful cameras, scanning, digital printing. Unfortunately I don't have a darkroom at the moment, but I do have a classroom.. :)

I run photography tours here and there in Australia... http://lensschool.com

I love meeting photographers and the large format ones in particular, and look forward to making some new friends on here...

kindest regards,

Len Metcalf

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Re: Hello from Sydney - Len Metcalf

Postby Marc Morel » 14 Nov 2013, 10:23

Hi Len & welcome here! I hope it wasn't one of my prints in the APUG print exchange that disappointed you so!!! :)


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