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Re: Imacon Scanners

Posted: 19 Oct 2012, 21:40
by Warmtone
sharperstill wrote:Update: that scanner on eBay includes the Ratoc adaptor. Buy it & don't look back, unless you want to scan larger than MF....


Theres a couple of issues with the above scanner. Firstly its only roll film and idealy I need to also cover sheet film. Scanning even a 6x6 neg is slow.......abou 12 mins. I worry about the Brisbane climate and fungus problems with the lens/ccd. And I would need to dedicate a legacy Mac for the scsi Side of things. It's also limited to 3200 dpi which is modest .. .... But probably superior to Japanes flatbed scanners boasting 4000 dpi? And if there are functional issues I'm sure a grand will disappear quickly for service.

$1500 plus is still good money and while the seller seems honest it may be better to hang out for a later model. Out of interest what format does the Flextight 3 cover?

Re: Imacon Scanners

Posted: 19 Oct 2012, 22:07
by sharperstill
You could run it on any mac with FireWire up to and including Snow Leopard, but if you wanna scan sheet film then it's a no go. Mind you Imacons scan at true resolution, so the larger the format you scan the lower the dpi you get...
Still good quality scans tho.

Re: Imacon Scanners

Posted: 19 Oct 2012, 22:12
by sharperstill
The Flextight 3. You mean the precision III? That's what I have and it does 5x7 but the files from 5x7 probably aren't as large as you'd imagine.