Thin film scanning

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Thin film scanning

Postby smbooth » 17 Sep 2013, 17:25

Just how much can you recover from a negative.
Well I was surprise when I found at "a lot" was the answer, after under exposing a shot by 4 stops, Efke IR820 at ISO12 instead of ISO1.5 I was left with a very thin negative but scanning the negative resulted in a printable image if going down the inkjet path.
Burke & James 8x10 270mm Efke IR820 / IR720 filter - negative scan
Click on image for full size.
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Re: Thin film scanning

Postby Alastair Moore » 18 Sep 2013, 21:34

That's very nice, Shane. Pretty creepy looking, very atmospheric! You wouldn't have thought it was a hot and bright day from that!

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