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Sunny Couch. Siesta.

Posted: 01 Oct 2019, 12:04
by Maris
Sunny Couch, Siesta
Gelatin-silver photograph on Fomabrom Variant 111 FB VC, image area 19.6cm X 24.7cm, from a Fomapan 200 negative exposed in a Tachihara 8x10 camera with a 400mm single meniscus lens set at f11.
The afternoon sun in winter is easy and pleasant to bask in. Less easy is the photographer's judgement on how much soft focus is too much. All the closely spaced stops, f8, f9, f10, and f11 yield surprisingly different renditions.

Re: Sunny Couch. Siesta.

Posted: 03 Oct 2019, 09:26
by Walter Glover
All praise to older styled simple lenses!! This is proof, yet again, that in the non-digital world, we can still celebrate and by enraptured by the aberration. One of the things I most regret about divesting myself of was a 1948 Kodak Portrait lens I frolicked with in my 8x10 days. And that also draws to mind the glory of the contact print where the aberration is rendered with the utmost precision. Bravo, Maris!