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Sunbakers, Noosa.

Posted: 01 Dec 2019, 10:15
by Maris
Sunbakers, Noosa
Gelatin-silver photograph on Agfa Classic MCC 111VC FB, image size 24.5cm X 19.6cm, from a 8x10 Kodak Tmax 400 negative exposed in a Tachihara 810HD triple extension field view camera fitted with a Fujinon-W 300mm f5.6 lens and a #25 red filter.
A hot day, intense sunlight, a sea breeze: quite a tolerable combination on a crag overlooking the ocean.

Re: Sunbakers, Noosa.

Posted: 03 Dec 2019, 22:01
by Walter Glover
Right up my alley, so to speak. The motif sensitively centre stage in context.

Re: Sunbakers, Noosa.

Posted: 07 Dec 2019, 09:56
by Maris
Thanks Walter Glover. The talent has it easy: a few relaxed poses. The photographer is lugging an 8x10 outfit uphill and setting the camera on steep ground; aerobic exercise indeed. And then there's waiting for that wave to break. Couldn't bear to leave that side of the picture empty.

Re: Sunbakers, Noosa.

Posted: 08 Dec 2019, 19:10
by Mick Fagan
Great positioning of the subjects, the wave is good, but I think the position of his hat is perfect. Its angle to the sun, the shadow underneath and of course, the brightness of the hat itself. Which in turn, draws you in to the subjects themselves.