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Garage Portrait Session

Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 10:10
by Mick Fagan
This was a very quick portrait session, I had around 10 minutes from getting the request, to executing the picture; including finding somewhere to photograph. It was an excruciatingly hot and windy day, the only safe haven was the garage. This area was looked at, a chair brought in, the overhead LED lights switched on, as well as a fan, which didn't seem to help in keeping us cool.

I've never shot under this kind lighting before, so I was really guessing and hoping. In the end I chose Bergger film as I know from experience that this really does have two speeds of emulsion coating. Plus, I didn't have any loaded HP5+ to hand :o

24mm drop of the front standard. I should have used slightly more drop as her hand could then have been more in the frame, instead of being right on the edge as it now is. Thankfully this lens has huge coverage, by dropping the front standard and keeping the centre of the film axis ever so slightly above her eyes, I was able to eliminate light reflections in her spectacles.

Bellows were pulled out a bit over standard for this lens length requiring ¼ stop correction due to closeness of the subject, so I needed extra exposure. I added ½ a stop via aperture instead of time to alleviate possible reciprocity issues and the possible dodgy lighting. < 1 s, no reciprocity correction is required, from 1 s on, correction is required. This was something I didn't have time to work out, plus my brain was being fried by the heat emanating from the steel roof. I am happy to report that the negative is extremely good, so I now know this film works very well under cool white LED lighting, which from memory, is 6000K.

This film continues to surprise me with what it is capable of doing, I really think not having HP5+ loaded, turned out to be a good thing.

Shen Hao HZX-IIA 4x5" wooden folder
Bergger Pancro 400, Fujinon 250mm f/6.3, no filter. ½ @ f16½.



Re: Garage Portrait Session

Posted: 31 Dec 2019, 22:10
by Bazz8
Clean and tidy shot well done in a short timeframe

Re: Garage Portrait Session

Posted: 01 Jan 2020, 10:13
by Maris
Good portrait Mick under challenging circumstances. And thanks for all the technical detail that reinforces the inescapable principle that if you know what your doing you will get a more assured result. More assured, that is, than taking a lot of shots and picking the least worst one.
That roller door pattern in the background is fair compromise. It's not something you can abolish by selective focus.

Ages ago I used a roller door in the up position to pose someone on a driveway in front of an unlit garage: makes for a big, cheap black background when the light is right.

Re: Garage Portrait Session

Posted: 01 Jan 2020, 12:45
by Mick Fagan
Bazz, it is a quite clean picture, which did surprise me. The chair was only around 200mm from the garage door and the positioning of it was designed to hide the central locking device. If you look directly behind her neck, roughly where her clothing starts, you can see the flat steel bar left and right. Took a couple of movements of the seat and her, to get it right.

Maris, as for being reasonably good at things photographic, I'm constantly learning from my mistakes; which still occur with monotonous regularity. :o

I included the details of how things were and how they went, which hopefully helps others to get ideas and maybe adapt what I did to a particular situation they find themselves in. As for the garage door, yep, had no room to move back and get it out of focus, plus, if I had wasted more time, regular lines of perspiration would have become obvious on my suffering subject. She did take great interest in my light meter (Gossen Profi-Six) and as I was wrapping things up, she asked for details on how it works and just what it does do.

We had a quick snack immediately after the sitting, where I explained in the simplest English I could manage, and her English is quite good and way ahead of my Chinese, but her knowledge of many technical words is not the greatest. Surprisingly, she grasped how it worked and how I used that information to get the image. I shouldn't have been too surprised, calculus, applied mathematics and (I think) pure mathematics are things she does for fun. Her academic results are, to put it mildly, quite good. Immediately after that she departed for a flight, she is now enjoying some quite cold weather in her home country. :mrgreen:

Of the two sheets I exposed, this was the first one and my preference as it is her preference of the two. I'm happy, the subject is happy, one doesn't need anything more than that.