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External Goods Hoist Canopy

Posted: 05 Jan 2021, 22:22
by Walter Glover
Pyrmont, N.S.W.
The structure us strapped with steel girders, but now it is redeveloped and incorporated as a heritage element in high rise accommodation.


Sinar F2 ii, Schneider Super-Symmar XL110mm 1:5.6
Ilford Delta 100. Ilford Ilfotec DDX 1+9, Jobo ATL 2 +, Expert Drum.

Re: External Goods Hoist Canopy

Posted: 08 Jan 2021, 09:07
by Maris
Nice arrangement of shadows, lines, wires, and vertical verticals. I can't imagine there would be many places to set up a camera to visually orchestrate all those elements into a coherent composition.
That goods hoist canopy might be heritage, an architectural nuance, and worth keeping, but to my insensitive eye it looks like a gloriously ugly barnacle.

Re: External Goods Hoist Canopy

Posted: 09 Jan 2021, 19:12
by Walter Glover
Agreed Maris,

Just another episode. in. my saga of urban anomalies. By the way, accessing that point of orchestration meant clambouring through knee-high thorny brambles, so you were right again.