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Lake Cootharaba, Pelicans Sunning

Posted: 03 May 2021, 10:24
by Maris
Lake Cootharaba, Pelicans Sunning
Gelatin-silver photograph on Ilford Classic VC FB photographic paper, image size 16.3cm X 21.5cm, from a 4x5 Kodak Tri-X negative exposed in a Tachihara 45GF field view camera fitted with a Nikkor-W 210mm f5.6 lens.

Re: Lake Cootharaba, Pelicans Sunning

Posted: 04 May 2021, 01:58
by Walter Glover
"Sunning" and displaying a great deal of pelicanish character, Maris.
As you'd be aware, I strongly favour context. The closed gate speaks volumes to me. It adds an element of trespass.

I had a mate years ago who was a retired Oxford Don and he explained to me that the difference between a Cambridge man and an Oxford man was that a Cambridge man walked about like he owned the place whereas an Oxford man walked about as if he couldn’t give a f**k who owned the place. Clearly these pelicans are Oxford men.