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Charlotte Pass, Autumn Herbs

Posted: 09 Jul 2021, 10:42
by Maris
Charlotte Pass, Autumn Herbs
Gelatin-silver photograph on Ultrafine Silver Eagle VC FB photographic paper, image size 24.4cm X 19.5 cm, from a 8x10 Fomapan 200 negative exposed in a Tachihara 810HD triple extension field view camera fitted with a Schneider Super Angulon 121mm f8 lens.
The lens barely covers 8x10 straight on but not when the camera is severely bent for a deep Scheimpflug focus plane. The top corners are gone but there was nothing critical up there - my plausible excuse.

Re: Charlotte Pass, Autumn Herbs

Posted: 09 Jul 2021, 11:44
by John Power
Nice one, Maris!

Unmistakably Charlotte Pass... what a place! Nice job capturing it.

The result seems very smooth to me, and i don't miss the top corners one bit :)

Do you remember which month this was taken in?

Re: Charlotte Pass, Autumn Herbs

Posted: 09 Jul 2021, 21:47
by Walter Glover
No great problem with the edge of the image circle for me Maris,

In fact my initial reaction was that it formed something of a mirror of the designer point of the flowers. Lots to like here, particularly the sense of geometric form amid the random chaos of Aussie bushland.

Re: Charlotte Pass, Autumn Herbs

Posted: 10 Jul 2021, 10:41
by Maris
Thanks John Power and Walter Glover. I used to do Charlotte Pass every year for a month or so to get away from the lazy beach resort vibe of Noosa. Favourite season was mid April to Mid May. The weather could be counted on to be changeable or vile: sunny, cold, windy, rainy, occasional snow but no drifts too deep to carry a camera through. Just right for photography.