Millstream Falls, North Queensland

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Millstream Falls, North Queensland

Postby Maris » 01 Nov 2023, 12:05

Millstream Falls, North Queensland
Gelatin-silver photograph on Ultrafine Silver Eagle VC FB photographic paper, image size 19.3cm X 24.7cm, from a 8x10 Kodak T-max 400 negative exposed in a Tachihara 810HD field view camera fitted with a Fujinon-W 300mm f5.6 lens.

It was a bit of a struggle to get down to the falls only to find there was just one worthwhile place to stand and set up a view camera. The falls are very wide but the 8x10 "normal" lens sees much narrower. So what to do? Black rock reflected in black water with some white streaks at the top: a sense of the place but not the grandeur.

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Barry Kirsten
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Re: Millstream Falls, North Queensland

Postby Barry Kirsten » 01 Nov 2023, 14:30

You did well to get that Maris. Either not enough coverage or insufficient movements; we can't always win in LF photography. Now why doesn't someone invent a wide-normal zoom for 8x10 I wonder? A nice image, all the same.

Mick Fagan
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Re: Millstream Falls, North Queensland

Postby Mick Fagan » 08 Nov 2023, 13:30

Maris, I can certainly understand your dilemma, done that a few times. Can be frustrating, but on the other hand can be wonderful if the light is right, the subject is reasonable and your viewpoint works.

Regardless, still looks pretty alright. You didn't have a wide angle, or is the wide angle view not worth it?

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