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Deck View Kilcunda

Posted: 26 Jan 2024, 13:41
by Mick Fagan
Shen Hao HZX45-IIA
Fujinon f/5.6 65mm
Centre Graduated Filter
FP4+ D76 1:1


Re: Deck View Kilcunda

Posted: 26 Jan 2024, 17:23
by RoganJosh
Perfectly balanced composition.

Re: Deck View Kilcunda

Posted: 27 Jan 2024, 08:59
by Mick Fagan
Thank you RoganJosh.

I hadn't thought of the balance, but after some reflection it does appear to be reasonably good. In time I may appreciate this image more, I exposed the film on Tuesday, developed Thursday and posted here on Friday.

I had a devil of a time with getting sunlight onto the deck and grass, as the cabin directly to the left was casting quite the shadow. As the shadow receded, so did the sunlight on the decking. As a result I was moving forwards and backwards and a little sideways to try and get things sort of right.

My biggest issue was the keeping the horizon, horizontal; which I managed to do. Since acquiring this 65mm lens, I've found that any discrepancies in horizontal and vertical lines are exaggerated if the lens isn't vertical, so careful zeroing of all movements is paramount, then having the camera dead level makes things work.

As the coverage of the lens realistically allows around 5mm of movement, I mostly don't even think of movements. I thought for quite some time that I would find a 75mm lens, which allows more movements, then after a couple of years ownership of this lens, I realised that the 65mm lens without movements covers so much more and a simple crop does the job.

This was one instance where I was very satisfied with the entire image on the GG, however, once I pulled the negative out of the tank I immediately saw that it was not well aligned inside the film holder, so some very minor cropping was required; such is life!

Re: Deck View Kilcunda

Posted: 01 Feb 2024, 13:06
by Maris
I have to agree with RoganJosh about the composition. It evokes memories of Paul Strand's pictures at the Gaspé Peninsula; everything in a still and luminous equilibrium. But Mick, you have a "kicker". Look at that little wave half way up the left side that broke at exactly the right time to add a splash of energy!

Re: Deck View Kilcunda

Posted: 01 Feb 2024, 19:24
by Mick Fagan
Maris, my head is big enough, references to Paul Strand.... nonetheless, thank you for your kind words.

I'm now starting to think that RoganJosh was onto something, after looking at the picture on and off over the last few days, it may just be one of my better efforts.

Yes, the little wave was a bonus, I didn't really notice how effective it was, until I saw a positive image.