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Bottle Jacks

Posted: 02 Apr 2019, 10:06
by smbooth
Haven't shown much lately.
Couple of old bottle jacks on older Kodak glass plate. Plates have got moisture damage, hence the mottling. This is a 4x5 plate cut down from some 240mm square plates I picked up before Christmas. Contact printed on Fomatone 131 and Lith developed.

Re: Bottle Jacks

Posted: 05 Apr 2019, 06:44
by Walter Glover
I am a fan of venerating the aberration. Lovely!

Re: Bottle Jacks

Posted: 05 Apr 2019, 11:15
by Maris
What a wonderful use of the strange properties of light sensitive materials to make a photographic gem. I'll never look at bottle jacks the same again.
Those square Kodak plates, were they the size intended for astronomical photography? I remember using square plates type 103a for stellar spectral classification.

Re: Bottle Jacks

Posted: 08 Apr 2019, 16:17
by Mick Fagan
Not too bad Shane.

Were these the plates you borrowed the filter to cut the glass for?

I seem to recall a Shelley Screw Jack on the Austin version of the Land Rover the old man had around 1958 - 1960, looked a little like what you have photographed. Do you collect these, or just happened upon them as a subject?