Tarraville Church

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Tarraville Church

Postby Mick Fagan » 05 Aug 2019, 11:46

This is the oldest Church in Gippsland, or so the sign says. I have been four times to this, each time it has been raining. This time wasn't any different, misty rain fell for the whole time we were there. Decided to have a go anyway as it may be quite some time before we can get back. Exposed this last week.

The church doesn't look straight, I double checked my standards and the camera was level. Even my wife checked on the GG and offered the opinion that the fence was causing an optical illusion as it runs at an angle to the church and slightly uphill. I measured the bell tower from the edge of the negative, it is parallel. In the end, I concurred with my wife. Firstly because it was safe, secondly because she was correct.

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