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Fallen Log and Sedge

Posted: 28 Jun 2020, 13:15
by Maris
Fallen Log and Sedges
Gelatin-silver photograph on Agfa VC FB photographic paper, image size 24.7cm X 19.3cm, from a 8x10 Kodak Tmax 400 negative exposed in a Tachihara 810HD field view camera fitted with a Fujinon-W 300mm f5.6 lens.
Just lines and stripes obeying the powers of the Scheimpflug condition to drag them all together.

Re: Fallen Log and Sedge

Posted: 28 Jun 2020, 17:32
by Mick Fagan
Ooh, Maris, that is a hard subject to photograph.

I think you have made a silk purse out of a sow's ear. :shock:


Re: Fallen Log and Sedge

Posted: 30 Jun 2020, 09:29
by Walter Glover
First encountered the potency of Scheimpflug in the 60s with a Rollriflex SL66 and have been a fan boy ever since. Nobody ever tells newbies that depth of field just isn't the same thing. (Did anyone just think 'diffraction'?)