Art Nouveau House In Bondi

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Art Nouveau House In Bondi

Postby Walter Glover » 29 Dec 2020, 22:37

[Well, here I am finally getting to scan some of the untapped archive of 10x8 negs. Sorry they aren't contact prints as originally intended]
From earliest childhood this house captured my imagination as I'd be pushed past in my stroller on my mother's daily trek from her mother's house back to home. In those earliest days it was as close as you could get to the houses illustrated in Mother Goose fairy stories.
This was a very early venture armed with a brand spanking new Toyo 810M MkII and when the house occupant saw someone across the street pointing a camera the size of a bar fridge he came across for a chat. He told me something that would possibly have spooked the fascinated infant in his stroller: the fascinating cladding of the masonry is crumbled marble headstones from a deconsecrated cemetery in Broken Hill.
Schneider Apo Symmar MC 300mm 1:5.6

Detail of leadlight windows and marble cladding aafter the sun had gone behind those clouds for the rest of the day. The softer light at closer range has given the marble touch of a lustre.
Nikkor-M 450mm 1:9
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