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Kerning Crisis

Posted: 29 Apr 2021, 21:18
by Walter Glover
"PLATO" isn't enough letters for the number of panels.
"HERACLITUS" is way too many.
We can make "SOCRATES" work at a pinch..


Sinar F2 ii 4x5, Schneider Apo Symmar 210mm 1:5.6
Kodak T-Max 100, T-max RS, Jobo ATL 2 Plus

Re: Kerning Crisis

Posted: 30 Apr 2021, 15:05
by Maris
Alas, the creative kerning did not keep the restaurant in business. Maybe not enough Greek customers along this section of Auburn road. But the tobacconist and supermarket continue. Walter, your photograph of this plain building, that someone valued enough to decorate it, preserves an interesting point in history.

Re: Kerning Crisis

Posted: 30 Apr 2021, 17:25
by Walter Glover
Thanks for the update Maris,
Obviously I’ve not been able to geet out there for the best part of a couple of years so the current state of affairs is unknown to me. Perhaps the writing was on the wall for a Greek restaurant displaying signs partly written in Arabic.
In a great deal of my work in the built environment I am addressing posterity. Particularly back in that era there had been an expression expression of interest for work reflecting contemporary living conditions in the State of New South Wales at any particular era. To this end I applied myself diligently.

Now off to Street View for a lesson. on the inevitability of change.