Gone Too Early

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Gone Too Early

Postby Walter Glover » 04 Jul 2021, 20:45

Unlike other surrounding interments there are obviously stiill descendents to arrange a modest replacement memorial:
Jeremiah Cronin - 6.4.1900 Aged 39
Catherine Cronin - 30.5.1898
14 days

Quite possibly Catherine is in the smaller plot to the right and that Jeremiah was laid to rest alongside her nearly 2 years later. So many questions not even hinted at.

But ..... not much is ever spoken of the outbreak of bubonic plague around Sydney's docks 1900~1910. The first case of bubonic plague in Australia was reported in January 1900. Much of the timber infrastructure of Woolloomooloo was destroyed and we knew in our time was relatively new. Perhaps not the slightly earlier infant, but quite feasibly dad may have been a victim of an earlier epidemic.


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