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Postby mark.darragh » 15 Feb 2022, 08:11

Taking advantage of the reflective quality of limestone and the architecture of McGlashan Everist



Toho FC-45X, Rodenstock Sironar N 150mm, Kodak TMX 100 4x5 developed in Rodinal 1:50

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Re: Doorways

Postby Maris » 18 Feb 2022, 10:37

Wow, a couple of beaut pictures.
Doorways are classic "viewer traps". To gaze at the picture is to imagine passing through the doorway or, for alternative entertainment, to imagine what may suddenly emerge from that doorway. Empty flights of stairs are good "traps" too.
Picture #1 is so smooth in gradation except for the dramatic slash of sunlight on the ground. And the the top corner of the front wall nearly touches the edge of the frame ... visual tension.
Picture #2 offers a delightful counterpoint between the high key stones and the assertive shapes of the massed leaves. It's almost as if the architect directed it?

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Re: Doorways

Postby Bazz8 » 25 Feb 2022, 12:15

great shots first thing i was was the perps are plumb :D
pitched more roofs on that sort of blockwork eack block weighs 16pound
intialy I thought mount gambier stone the compasition is A1
love the cotrrast difference between the greenary and the wall

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