Monolith, Glen Innis

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Monolith, Glen Innis

Postby Maris » 12 Dec 2022, 12:26

Monolith, Glen Innes
Gelatin-silver photograph on Ultrafine Silver Eagle VC FB photographic paper, image size 21.5cm X 16.3cm, from a 4x5 Kodak Tri-X negative
exposed in a Tachihara 45GF field view camera fitted with a Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f8 lens and a #25 red filter.

Mick Fagan
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Re: Monolith, Glen Innis

Postby Mick Fagan » 12 Dec 2022, 16:02

Almost a Monolith with child...

Perfect angle to get the right amount of light on the monolith, while the child is the brightest part of the image so you immediately go there and from there, your eyes roll around the monolith.

Looks like a windy day, grass looks a bit soft, or is that focus?

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