Paper Import Adventure.

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Paper Import Adventure.

Postby Maris » 26 Nov 2015, 11:09

If you want superb gelatin-silver paper with prompt delivery, minimum fuss, and minimum anxiety buy it from Chris at Blanco Negro.

But I had some spare time to scour the world for a bargain and I thought I found it in Adorama's New York store. Their house brand "Adorama Variable Grade Glossy Fibre-based Photo Paper" in the 8"x10" size was listed at US$149.95 for a box of 250 sheets. That looks cheap! So I ordered three boxes. To avoid their outrageous shipping charges I took advantage of Adorama's free delivery offer for US addresses by using Australia Post's ShopMate service (based in Portland, Oregon) as a freight forwarder.

After all the fees, charges, and currency exchange gymnastics the paper arrived 13 days after ordering. Final cost was A$1.09 per sheet; not bad with the Australian dollar so low.

Now the downside. The photographic paper boxes were throw into a shipping carton with ludicrously minimal packing. The outer carton was busted and ruptured on delivery. I opened it under safelight in the darkroom to find one of the paper boxes inside was smashed. Luckily the black plastic bags that held the paper were intact and no paper got fogged. Phew! Next time (if there is one) I'll pay extra for the insurance option.

How's the paper to work with? It's a neutral emulsion on a double weight white base. The paper is fast exposure-wise and develops quickly. The contrast grades have different speeds but a couple of hours of testing and calibration solves that problem. Aesthetically the paper is "characterless" but without vices. At least it does not impose its signature on whatever negative you care to shine on it. Fomabrom from Blanco Negro is better.

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Re: Paper Import Adventure.

Postby smbooth » 09 Dec 2015, 15:39

Thanks Maris, good to know.

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