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Memoirs in a box

Posted: 19 Apr 2017, 20:35
by andrewch59
I have my own exhibition in Stanthorpe Qld called Memoirs in a box. The aim of the exhibition was to get likeminded photographers together to discuss large format. Seems when I am lucky enough to find someone who has a knowledge of large format I talk their ears off, due to lack of contact with people with the same passion. I'm sure there are others in Qld who experience the same.

The exhibition is primarily a display of cameras from a small folding Voigtlander Avus to a Hunter and Penrose I have taken 13x16 inch pics with.
There are a number of other curiosities including magic lanterns and associated slides and stereo viewers.
All of the 17 photographs displayed have been taken using xray film and scanned on a Epson v800 scanner. One of these photo's was chosen as a gift for the Governor General on a recent visit and I am proud to say is now displayed at his residence.
The display has another two weeks to run, so if you are in the area please drop in to the Stanthorpe Art Gallery for a look, I am only a short drive away if you want a chat and a cuppa.
My dream is to start a "gathering" in Qld

Re: Memoirs in a box

Posted: 20 Apr 2017, 07:18
by Barry Kirsten
G'day Andrew,

Congratulations on your exhibition and its success. I wish I could get up there to take a look, have a cuppa and a chat with you, but unfortunately I'm flat out preparing to move house.

Good luck with everything, including starting a gathering.


Re: Memoirs in a box

Posted: 20 Apr 2017, 11:28
by andrewch59
Thanks Barry, good luck mit the house move, mind the back!