Observations on staying home.

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Observations on staying home.

Postby Maris » 28 May 2020, 11:15

I must say I'm not enjoying being part of a vulnerable age group while an invisible virus lurks outside. And the cameras have not seen daylight since February. So what to do? Answer: clean up the archive and scan more photographs to turn them into screen-lookers that can be flung into cyberspace.
The little $49.00 A4 flatbed scanner I got from ALDI still works so off I go. It takes about 10 minutes to cook up a scan, strain it through an old version of Photoshop that a friend set up for me, and get a screen picture that looks like the actual print held up next to it.

I'm up to 375 scans so far with lots to go; boring but virtuous work. I now have sympathy for those hard working film users who must scan negatives to get a positive to look at. Maybe Bazz8 is right in his post "The Print is what matters". Maybe it's all just pictures anyway. Just belly-aching.

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Re: Observations on staying home.

Postby Oscar » 29 May 2020, 23:13

During the lockdown I used my 8x10 in our home studio, but I fast ran out of inspiration there :)

Last weekend I took my 4x5 out for a quick architectural shoot on a quiet Sunday morning, that's the first time I've used my LF gear away from home since these troubles began. Hopefully I'll get into the darkroom tomorrow to print from those negs.

As for you "flinging into cyberspace" your "screen-lookers", we appreciate your efforts. 375 is substantial!

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