Sydney Large Format Group

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Alastair Moore
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Sydney Large Format Group

Postby Alastair Moore » 16 Aug 2016, 13:34

Inspired by large format photographers in Victoria, I'm looking to form a Sydney or NSW large format group to bring large format photographers together on an irregular or regular basis - monthly, quarterly, or more regular - to share images and knowledge and to go out making photographs. Would anyone be interested in getting involved? I've been heading over to Victoria for the Large Format Group weekends over the last few years and really enjoy the experience and I think we could certainly do something similar over this way.

I've set up a google group that we can use to get a conversation started about what direction we want to take the group and perhaps establish an initial meeting and go from there.

Pop over here to register:!forum/sydney-lfg/join


Ray Heath
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Re: Sydney Large Format Group

Postby Ray Heath » 01 Oct 2016, 22:45

G'day Alastair
Your google group seems to be a little slow in taking off. I'm wondering why you think we need somewhere else to organise meetings etc. Why can't you/we organise outings etc here.

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Walter Glover
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Re: Sydney Large Format Group

Postby Walter Glover » 02 Oct 2016, 01:12

Great to hear from you Ray. You've been missed.
Walter Glover

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Sydney Large Format Group

Postby L2obin » 24 Jan 2017, 21:05

I agree. I would rather see it in this forum...

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Re: Sydney Large Format Group

Postby smbooth » 03 Feb 2017, 16:37

Somebody might have to put there hand up to arrange this group now that Alister is going back to UK

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