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Happy New Year fellow LFers.

Posted: 01 Jan 2018, 07:40
by Walter Glover
Here's to a richly rewarding year ahead for all of us with a great deal more activity and participation from me — both photographically,m and on the forum.

Re: Happy New Year fellow LFers.

Posted: 01 Jan 2018, 10:44
by Maris
Walter, you'd be a cert for lots of stunning pictures now that you've got that fancy Horseman 45FA camera. May your creative resources never be stolen from you again. I want to see what you achieve.

Re: Happy New Year fellow LFers.

Posted: 05 Jan 2018, 06:27
by Walter Glover
Thanks Maris,
Yes, I am time poor at the moment and so I have only ventured out 3 times to shoot so far. So I have 6 sheets to process which, in likelihood, will happen tomorrow morning.
Those occasions have been a great opportunity to learn and hone the intricacies of the little Sweet FA. I have been using a quite small, light tripod but have switched to a heavier twin-shank number because the Sweet FA does not have a lifting bail for inserting and removing double-darks and the little one can jiggle about a bit more than I like. The last Toyo I had didn't have a lifting bail either, but on the series 4 Gitzo it was no great issue.
I see the distinct possibility that when time and funds permit I may well do a switcheroo back to a Toyo. The Horseman really is very small and some things are quite fiddly as a result. Time will tell. The thing of most importance is that after the theft at least I have restored a capability once more. The present quest may well be the acquisition of another Nikkor-SW 75mm. But I am so enthused by the 135mm focal length. IT is all I have used thus far.


Re: Happy New Year fellow LFers.

Posted: 05 Jan 2018, 11:26
by Maris
That's a sharp observation about the non-rigidity of light weight cameras. The Linhof Master Technika which I used to have always felt solid on a tripod even without a bail opening back. The Toyo 45G monorail I use occasionally has a bail back and its stability on a decent tripod is never in question BUT the little wooden Tachihara 45GF I use the most wriggles quite a bit when the film holder goes in and comes out.

To allay anxiety I fixed a mirror on the front of the Tachi and directed a laser pointer at it. The reflected spot jumped about when the film holder was inserted but then settled back (in about 1 second) to where it was initially. No more worries. I'd bet the Horseman FA works just as well or better!

Re: Happy New Year fellow LFers.

Posted: 05 Jan 2018, 15:37
by Mick Fagan
The rear bellows on that camera makes operating a 75 or wider lens fairly easy without the need for bag bellows, also keeps wide angle lens with big rear elements from the ground glass.

Pretty neat camera.