Bazz8 is travelling

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Bazz8 is travelling

Postby Bazz8 » 08 Jul 2022, 10:10

Hi gang Tomorrow Barry and Sue are traveling from Adelaide to Cape York return,
yesterday I loaded the 11 8x10 DD with arista 100 film, also the 5x4 film,
and some roll film out the fridge. We will be away for 3 months meandering around the outback.
I will be checking the forum and the work presented, may post some info.
Bazz 8

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Re: Bazz8 is travelling

Postby Oscar » 09 Jul 2022, 10:37

That's a long trip! Enjoy, and hope you have some good photographic opportunities.

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Re: Bazz8 is travelling

Postby Maris » 12 Jul 2022, 12:41

Have a wonderful journey and may the weather always smile upon you. Leave no film unexposed.
I shudder to think of the outrageous fuel prices you will encounter out there. Good luck!

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