FS: Two 4x10” film holders - brand new.

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FS: Two 4x10” film holders - brand new.

Postby Lachlan717 » 18 Apr 2018, 13:16

Purchased these with the view to making either a dedicated 4x10” camera or a back for an 8x10”.

Project’s been cancelled, so off they go.

Brand new, never mounted. Cost me US$80 each, plus US$35 postage. Came to about AUD$250 landed.

Selling for $150 +postage.

If you’re in Melbourne, happy to drop them off to save postage if you’re not too far from the Eastern suburbs!

Walter Glover
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Re: FS: Two 4x10” film holders - brand new.

Postby Walter Glover » 18 Apr 2018, 22:15

Few things in life as touching as shattered dreams.

Sorry to see them have to go, Lachlan.
Walter Glover

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