Shen Hao XPO - First one made.

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Shen Hao XPO - First one made.

Postby Lachlan717 » 08 Jul 2018, 17:52

Bit sad doing this, but....

In 2010, having already commissioned Shen Hao to build me their first 6x17cm panoramic field camera, I again commissioned them to prototype a unique design, this time for a 4x5” field camera that accepted a Sinar shutter.

I also requested that it should have over 400mm of bellow draw.

What you see here is the result - the prototype Shen Hao XPO.

The story is found here: ... 57638.html

So, it’s a bit special. Serial number 1 if you will.

Unfortunately, I’ve never taken to 4x5. Just don’t use it. It’s probably only had 100 sheets taken on it. It came with me to Tassie last month and didn’t come from the car.

As such, it’s still in great condition. A couple of small marks here and there, but you need to look closely. There is also the Gaffer Tape on the base that I put there on the first day I got it so that there would not be any scratches around the tripod hole.

It also comes with a Horseman bag bellow. This was on it 95% of the time. Not in perfect cosmetic condition, but brilliant to use, esp. with the 72mm I used on it.

Finally, it has a Fresnel screen to help with wide lenses.

These are a special order from Shen Hao, and no longer have the 420mm draw. They’re over $1,700 plus postage new (Badger) without the Fresnel and the bag bellows.

And they’re not serial #1...

$1,500 neg.

Thanks for looking.

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