5X7 Linhof Tecknika and lenses for sale.

Mark Lang
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5X7 Linhof Tecknika and lenses for sale.

Postby Mark Lang » 17 Sep 2020, 15:45

I have a fairly worn but operational 5x7 Linhof Tecknika for sale with three lenses in fully working shutters.
They are a Schneider f.8 Super Angulon 121 mm, Compur shutter, very rare, gives you the equivalent of 24mm on a 35mm camera. Lovely.
A Schneider 180mm Symmar with Compur shutter.
Schneider f5.6 240mm with Copal shutter.
All are in Linhof lens mounts.
Eight double dark-slides come with the kit which is housed in a stout Pelican Case.
Best to pick up from Lismore NSW, or arrange your own pickup.

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