Film Drying Cabinet: FREE in BRISBANE

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Film Drying Cabinet: FREE in BRISBANE

Postby Ian David » 16 Aug 2013, 14:30

Greetings all. In case you haven't already seen the following on APUG:
I recently acquired a large film drying cabinet which came from a decommissioned university darkroom. It is actually an Electrolux clothes drying cabinet, but ideal for film drying. It has done a bit of service but all seems to be in working order. I don't really need it myself, but it was on its way to the tip so I put my hand up.
The cabinet is 158cm high x 61cm wide x 48cm deep. The internal hanging space is 120cm high. The built in fan/heater has various settings (fan only, low, med and high). There is a timer knob as well. I have attached a couple of photos.
Anyone in Brisbane interested in the cabinet? You'll need to come and pick it up - I am not far from the Gabba.
Please PM me if you might be interested.

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