Filters for large format lenses

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Filters for large format lenses

Postby gerronemo » 04 Feb 2020, 14:11

New to Large Format, and wanting some advice on;
What size filters for 4x5 lenses?
There is NO info on the lens to say what thread size it is ??!!!
For instance: Scheider Super Angulon 90mm - F5.6?
Only info I have is; the lens is about 80mm in diameter(my measurement!)

Thanks for any help with this!

Kind regards

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Re: Filters for large format lenses

Postby Oscar » 05 Feb 2020, 17:14

There's also the option of a filter "system", such as Lee or Cokin. For example (that page shows it being used on 35mm equipment, but it also works with medium format and large format).

The basic idea is that you use a holder which clips to your lens (possibly via adapter rings), and then one or more rectangular filters slide into that. Much more flexible, but also much fiddlier. Some people like that approach, others hate it.

Keep in mind that the "real" Lee ones can be very expensive, I make do with much cheaper work-alikes from eBay :)

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Re: Filters for large format lenses

Postby pyrohamish » 14 Apr 2020, 00:04

I recently bought a Cokin P series B&W kit which would seem to cover most occasions.

As for thread sizes, google the lens and then verify with a ruler.

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