Home made - D 23 film developer.

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Home made - D 23 film developer.

Postby Bazza » 11 Mar 2023, 12:16

It has been a while since I logged in.
After many years I have gone back to using D 23 as my film developer.
Using it as a ' Replenished ' developer : Look up John Finch from - Pictorial Planet - Very happy with my results .
With 4 x 5 -Foma Pan 100 , great negs .
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Bazza Parkdale 3195

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Barry Kirsten
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Re: Home made - D 23 film developer.

Postby Barry Kirsten » 11 Mar 2023, 13:19

G'day Bazza, I also like D23. John Finch also has a video on Barry Thornton's 2-bath developer which I'll try one day. It's based on divided D23 with reduced sulfite, which is claimed to be the 'sweet spot' in terms of optimum sharpness. I think it might be more useful for rollfilm/35mm negs where maybe variations in exposure might be found on the same roll.

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