Negative Negatives!

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Re: Negative Negatives!

Postby pyrohamish » 02 Feb 2020, 12:58

I'm also very new to the game (10 sheets developed so far!) and we seem to be operating very similarly. Though I seem to be having much better luck.
Intrepid 4x5, Fujinon 125mm f/5.6 NW and Fujinon 240mm A f/9
Fomapan 100 - shooting it at ISO100 and roughly using zone system to split the highlights and shadows with readings from spot meter

SP-445 tank
All solutions at 20 degrees, rinsing at around 30 degrees (Perth is damn warm)
All solutions are used as 1 shot, up to 4 sheets
Presoak with water for a few minutes
Develop - HC110 developer - Dilution B (1+31) for 6 minutes - 1 inversion every minute and a sharp tap on the bench
Stop - Adostop 1+40 for 1 minute
Fixer - Adofix 1+9 for 4 minutes
Rinse in tank for 10 minutes then drain
500ml of Adflo 1+700 into tank and drain
Hang negatives to dry

Here's some of mine DSLR scanned, light editing.

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Re: Negative Negatives!

Postby gerronemo » 02 Feb 2020, 15:02

That is such great news, and sooo so new to 'the game'!
10 sheets in!!!
Verry impressive, and verry different subject matter to mine.

I think I have finally got some reasonable results, see attched.
Like you, controlling temps in Australia at this time o year, is fraught!
I am on opposite coast...nth NSW.
It's a strange thing that; by breaking the 'rules' I am getting some success!!!????
Ilford rec. 5 mins dev. time...I have gone to 7mins(This time),.
No stop bath. (as per forum advice).
The 'wash' was at about 27C..but all else as close to 21C, as I could get!
I put water in fridge night before, to add to tap, for the 21C.
For info: The 'Rocks' are Fomapan 100.
The 'lighthouse' pic is Ilford Ortho Plus(80iso).
All my next pix will be using that, just for a try out!
Thanks for your response and good luck!
'pharaoah' rock.jpg for upload.jpg
lighthouse.jpgfor upload.jpg

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Re: Negative Negatives!

Postby Oscar » 02 Feb 2020, 16:32

It's great to see that improvement, gerronemo. They say that you learn more by making mistakes, and it seems that you're now heading in the right direction.

And pyrohamish is doing great for someone that's only 10 sheets in.

There's a lot more variables (and hence things to go wrong) with large format film photography compared to digital, which makes it all the more satisfying to get good results.

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Re: Negative Negatives!

Postby gerronemo » 03 Feb 2020, 11:58

Thanks Oscar, and it is no small credit to you, that I have perservered...and got such good advice from the Forum/s!
Now the challenge will be the 'right' subjects to photograph, and get better contrast out of the images.
Am now investigating FILTERS!

Kind regards

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