Beltana X-ray film question

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Beltana X-ray film question

Postby Maris » 02 Feb 2022, 12:07

Bazz8, what is the actual size of the mammography film that you use? I notice in your contact prints the black border you get is not the characteristic "broad T" shape imposed on standard sheet film exposed in standard sheet film holders.
For example I just measured a Fomapan 200 8x10 negative and got 198.5mm X 251mm; not actually 8x10 but still bearing the conventional rebate shadows on the long edges.

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Re: Beltana X-ray film question

Postby Bazz8 » 08 Feb 2022, 16:06


it is 240mmx300mm 0r 24x30cm
I cut it to size on a small guillotine good x-ray film.

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