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MOD54 negative processing - first impressions

Posted: 15 Aug 2013, 00:04
by Waltzing Paul
I've used my newly aquired MOD54 / Paterson Tank system 3 times now.
I found it much easier to use than I thought I would.
From the youtube videos it looks quite tricky with a few things that can go wrong.
I use a changing bag with a box inside to create a space for loading the 6 5x4 negatives.
As long as you take your time and check that the negs are in position correctly I found the whole process quite easy.
To check the negatives are place correctly I feel the retaining notches to check that the negative is in the correct notch.
The last batch I did was left on the holder, after processing, to dry after shaking the excess water off so no need to even hang them up.
All in all I'm very please with it.
Is anyone else using this system?

Re: MOD54 negative processing - first impressions

Posted: 15 Aug 2013, 07:14
by Walter Glover
I have had a couple of these for some time but I try not to use them. I find that the sheets come out of their notched with agitation and stick together, often just along one edge.

The last batch I put through I was extremely gentle with the agitation and this resulted in uneven development. They have been relegated to the back of beyond. It is certainly convenient using just 1 litre of soup but I don't fancy losing images due to the device.

I really like using Diafine developer and the Mod 54 seemed the answer to a maiden's prayer. Perhaps to load just 4 sheets instead of 6 might prove beneficial.

Re: MOD54 negative processing - first impressions

Posted: 15 Aug 2013, 10:10
by Alastair Moore
I haven't used the MOD54 but have heard mixed reviews of it in the past. I believe the newest version should be pretty much spot on though - I understand the design has changed and the negatives now stay in place. It's a great idea and I might have to grab one of these for when I get back to the UK as I'll not have a darkroom as such to work with initially.

Re: MOD54 negative processing - first impressions

Posted: 15 Aug 2013, 23:35
by Waltzing Paul
I've had no problem with the negatives coming out during agitation.
All the negatives have come out evenly developed and have not moved at all.
In fact they seem quite firmly held.
I have the mark 27 model so maybe they have made improvements over the earlier ones.

Re: MOD54 negative processing - first impressions

Posted: 16 Aug 2013, 09:07
by Photomark
Its all I have for 4x5 processing so I don't have a choice but to use it.

Personally I think they work fine provided you are not to vigorous on the agitation.

It also does not like agitation by twiddle stick as this does cause development marks where the film clips in