Baby Aria

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Baby Aria

Postby alexgard » 05 Jun 2017, 21:47


I made this 8x10 black glass ambrotype of an old workmate's baby on commission a couple of weeks ago.

Everything went smoothly in this shoot. A nice clean plate (by my standards), even though she wriggled a fair bit during the 32 second exposure it still came out really nice even with a kind of 'soft focus' effect rather than the annoying motion blur you'd usually expect.

This was made through a 210mm Fujinon-W @ f/5.6 on my Tachihara 8x10

Light was direct sunlgiht through the loungeroom window diffused through a white bedsheet.

As I said in my other posts, 8x10's are a lot more natural to me now, easy to do, easy to develop. The workflow is very smooth with that format. Just need to apply it to my 11x14's with more practice!

Walter Glover
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Re: Baby Aria

Postby Walter Glover » 06 Jun 2017, 06:08

To my eye, Alex, this is truly masterful. A cracker! All of the various qualities of the medium and techniques you have drawn on have coalesced into a baby portrait reminiscent of the works of a Julia Margaret Cameron: none of the kitsch vacuous and synthetic 'cuteness' that pervades this genre, but a gem of letting the little person be the person living within.

I take my hat iff to you!
Walter Glover

"Photography was not a bastard left by science on the doorstep of art, but a legitimate child of the Western pictorial tradition." —Robert Galassi

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Re: Baby Aria

Postby Emma23 » 14 Dec 2018, 06:34

Its a master piece it so much eye catching you cannot resist looking other way around loved the cuteness of baby reminds me of my little one I see a resemblance If I could find a sleeping bag like then I will share its photo to.
Anyone can suggest me where could I find sleeping bag ?

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Re: Baby Aria

Postby Bazz8 » 14 Dec 2018, 21:27

Framed very nicely,nice work Alex

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