FS: Expired 4x5 Film: Portra 160, Acros 100, Velvia 100, Delta 100, Efke 25, TMaX

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FS: Expired 4x5 Film: Portra 160, Acros 100, Velvia 100, Delta 100, Efke 25, TMaX

Postby L2obin » 31 Dec 2018, 14:19

For sale,

Looking through my inventory, I came across a cooler bag that had several boxes of expired film. These boxes accompanied me from my overseas trip several year ago. sealed and unsealed.

Please note the film is expired, It has been stored in a cooler bag for several years, but not refrigerated/frozen. Each box was held in a double zip lock bag. The performance of the film is likely to be unpredictable, I offer no guarantees.

Kodak Portra 160 (10sh) exp 08/2013 sealed box x3
Across 100 (20sh) exp 12/2012 sealed box x1
Velvia 100 (20sh) exp 05/2013 sealed box x 1
Velvia 100 (20sh) exp 05/2013 open box, sealed 10sheets x 1
Efke 25 (50sh) exp 01/2013 opened box, 14/50 sheets used x1
Delta 100 (25sh) exp 06/2013 split from 100sh box x1
TMAX 5sh written on label of box - from 50 sheet pack

I also have several film holders with unexposed sheets within which I might include with the

6sh velv 100, 6sh Portra 160, 2sh Efke 25, 4sh across. Exp and condition unknown. I will pack them all up in a single film sleeve and include it in one of the boxes. You will need to recognise them according to notches. Consider them a bonus.

Given that these include now some discontinued film (Efke, Acros) I am leaving this open to offers. Please send through a PM and offer with some reasoning behind the offer.

Postage and packaging is to be at cost. Payment via PayPal.





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